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Specialists in New and Used Plastics Machinery.

Formed on the 1st of January 1987, AEI Group has grown into an international business with contacts around the world. By dealing with many of the global businesses, who regularly buy and sell both new and used plastics machinery, we often advertise some of the best plastics machines before they are available anywhere else.

We buy and sell both new and used Extrusion, Thermoform both Off-line and In-line Systems, Bellaform lines and Dry Offset machines. We have a very strong presence in the ‚ÄúPre-formed, Thin Walled Plastic Container Industry‚ÄĚ; plastic cups, tubs, trays, clamshells, lids and closures.

New Thermoforming Machines

We are the Appointed Agents for:

Yeniyurt Makina (Trays, Clamshells and Lids) Thermoforming Plastics Machinery.

Kuzey Global, Round Cup Formers.

Teknomatik Sheet Extruders.

Ustun Makina, Ancillary Equipment, grinders etc. 

These machines are being built in Istanbul, Turkey.

All of the parts used are "Off the Shelf" top quality European, NO Chinese.

The machines are about half price of other machines and certainly worth consideration.

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BIG Success & Achievements



We are Moving.

We have had tremendous success with Turkish machines.  We are moving to new premise in Turkey (just one hour from Istanbul) where we have a new:

            Chartered accountant.


            Bank, see details below


Iktisat Kibris Bankasi Ltd. Known as in English

Cyprus Economy Bank.



My BIG Successes with Yeniyurt Thermoformers.

  • Form/Punch/Cut/Stack/4
  • Form/Cut/Stack/3
  • Form & Cut in Place/Stack/2

I have personally sold machines Sold to:

  • India, Form/Cut/Stack/3
  • Holland,¬†Form/Punch/Cut/Stack/4
  • England,¬†Form/Cut/Stack/3
  • England, (Form & Cut in Place)/Stack/2
  • Peru, Form/Cut/Stack/3
  • New Zealand, Form/Punch/Cut/Stack/4
  • South America, Form/Cut/Stack/3
  • South America, Form/Punch/Cut/Stack/4
  • Holland,¬†Form/Punch/Cut/Stack/4

We expect to sell very soon:

  • India, 3 x Form/Cut/Stack/3
  • Belgium,¬†Form/Cut/Stack/3
  • Australia,¬†Form/Cut/Stack/3
  • Holland,¬†Form/Cut/Stack/3

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